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# Name & Organisation Poster Title
1 Shane O Mahony,

University of Limerick.

Describing the adsorption of Histidine-tagged proteins onto NTA-Functionalized Self-Assembled-Monolayers
2 Sarah Guerin,

University of Limerick.

AFM Study of Lithographically Processed Polyimide Surfaces
3 Pierre-André Cazade,

University of Limerick.

Computational study of the role of linkers in biological nanomachines
4 Melissa Gunnoo,

University of Limerick.

Investigating the mechanostability of CBM3 domains and its mutants
5 Simon Elliott,

Tyndall National Institute.

Towards ultrathin ALD copper films for electronic interconnect
6 Jose Luis Dominguez-Meijide,

University of Limerick.

Identification and structural characterization of the primordial cytotoxic conformers of the amyloidogenic cascade: Preliminary studies
7 Xinxin Xiao,

University of Limerick.

The Construction of Enzymatic Fuel Cells Operating in Organic Media
8 Cristina Carucci,

University of Limerick.

Hofmeister effects: the supporting electrolyte affects the response of glucose oxidase
9 Bin Zhao,

University of Limerick.

Systematic investigations on tailored iron oxide nanostructures synthesized in alkalescent media
10 Till Siepenkoetter,

University of Limerick.

Nanoporous Gold Electrodes and their application in Protein Electrochemistry
11 Amelie Wahl,

Tyndall National Institute, CCAN.

Detection of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in Pharmaceutical Formulations at Flat Gold Microdisc Electrode Arrays vs. Nanoporous Gold Microdisc Electrode Arrays
12 Jason Kilpatrick,

UCD / Adama Innovations.

Nanoscale Electrical Metrology Using Sharp Conducting Diamond Probes
13 Cian McKeown,

University of Limerick.

Nanocrystalline TM-Pt Alloys for Oxygen Reduction
14 Jennifer Deignan,

INSIGHT Centre for Data Analytics.

Wearable Textile Strain Sensor with Integrated Carbon Nanotubes
15 Nedyalka Panova,

UCC – Tyndall National Institute.

Creative use of visual art and haiku poems for demonstration of advanced  nanofabrication processes
16 Christina Ryan,

Regenerative Modular & Developmental
Engineering Laboratory (REMODEL).

Multifactorial approaches on cell phenotype maintenance and function
17 Shalini Singh,

MSSI, University of Limerick.

Colloidal Cu2ZnSn(SSe)4 (CZTSSe) Nanocrystals- Shape and Crystal Phase control to form Dots, Arrows, Ellipsoids and Rods
18 Hugh Manning,

Crann, Trinity College Dublin .

Combining Experiment & Simulation of Nanowire Networks, for High Performance Transparent Conductors.
19 Shaun  Mills,

Crann, Trinity College Dublin.

Determination of the Young’s Modulus of Metallic Nanowires using Two Different Beam Models
20 Saleh Abdualkarim,

University of Limerick

Purification, Crystallisation of recombinant Thermus thermophilus SOR and Cytochrome c550  full length, C- and N-terminal
21 Martin Sheehan,

University of Limerick.

Growth of Crystalline Transition Metal Germanide and Silicide Nanostructures using the vapour phase of a High Boiling Point Solvent
22 Daragh Rice,

University of Limerick.

Rapid diagnostics tool using Raman spectroscopy and immunoassay
23 Maria O’Brien,

AMBER Centre, Trinity College Dublin.

Raman Spectroscopy of CVD grown 2D Semiconductors
24 Ahmad Ziaee,

University of Limerick.

Theoretical investigation of the effect of pore size and geometry on gas sorption in SIFSIX-3-M type porous materials
25 James Rohan,

Tyndall National Institute, UCC.

iTech – Disruptive Interconnect Barrier Technologies
26 Hugh Doyle,

Tyndall National Institute.

Group IV (Si, Ge) nanocrystals as luminescent probes for rapid, sensitive and label-free detection of Fe3+ ions in solution
27 Ghazal Tadayyon,

CURAM, National University of Ireland.

Electrically Conducting Nanocompostes in Next Generation Neuroelectrode Design
28 Kevin Hayes,

University of Limerick.

Towards an understanding of the structure and function of novel Cation Diffusion Facilitator Proteins.
29 Edel Durack,

University of Limerick.

Investigation of Structure-Function relationship of Thermophilic Sulfite Reductase
30 Grace Flynn,

University of Limerick.

Multi-Segment Silicon-Germanium Axial Heterostructure Nanowires Synthesised Using Different Low Solubility Seeds

Institute of Catalysis and Petroleum Chemistry, Spanish Research Council, ICP-CS.

Strategies to encapsulate β-glucosidase in siliceous mesoporous materials
32 Shayon Bhattacharya,

Department of Physics and Energy,
University of Limerick.

Preliminary studies on Neurotoxic proteins: Amyloid Beta and Prion
33 Agnieszka Piwowarczyk,


Nonporous sorbent material for chemical residues sample preparation.
34 Niamh O’Shea,


Nonporous sorbent material for chemical residues sample preparation.
35 Robert Lynch,

University of Limerick.

Micromachining Bridges, Shelves and Free-Standing Films on Indium Phosphide
36 Aishling Dunne,

Dublin City University.

pH-induced shrinking and swelling of hydrogels based on copolymers of acrylic acid   and acrylamide
37 Danielle Bruen,

Dublin City University.

Glucose Bio-sensing in Real-Time Using Boronic Acid Derivatives
38 Gerard O’Connor,

NCLA NUI Galway.

Towards electrical, optical, and thermal stimulation of biomaterials produced by high throughput, large area, digital, additive and subtractive advanced manufacturing
39 Daniel Nieto Garcia,


Femtosecond Pulse Laser fabrication of sub-micron Periodic Magnetic Patterns Induced at the Surface of Non-Ferromagnetic Amorphous Steel
40 Ansar Masood,

Tyndall National Institute.

Low loss nanocrystalline magnetic materials for high efficiency power supplies
41 Declan Jordan,

Tyndall National Institute .

Integrated thin film magnetics for high efficiency micro-transformer applications
42 Niamh Creedon,

Tyndall National Institute.

Nanowire-based Electrochemical Detection of Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Disease in Serum
43 Mahendar Kumbham,

University of Limerick.

Enhancing the spatial resolution of mid-IR microscopy at silicon-air interface
44 Nanasaheb Thorat,

University of Limerick.

Multifunctional biocomaptible superparamagnetic nanoparticles encapsulated in a polymer matrix for cancer cell destruction and magnetic resonance imaging
45 Jakub Jadwiszczak,

Trinity College Dublin.

Site-specific modification of MoS2: towards memristive defect networks
46 Jennifer Cookman,


Novel Techniques for Synthesis, Charaterisation and Understanding of Anisotropic Gold Nanoparticles for Bio-nano Interactions
47 Nathan Jackson,

Tyndall National Institute.

Turning CMOS Compatible Piezo-MEMS Research into Products